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Recent Customer Reviews

Tracy, T
Columbus OH
I was thinking aout getting breast implants but was really scarred plus my friends that have implants hate the way there breast look without cloths. So i decided to try the natural way first and am glad i did. I went from a B cup to C and sometime even larger. I have used Clevagen Intensive for 6 months and now realize there is no reason to get implants and i feel much safer and healthier. Hope other see similar results. This is a good product from a reputable company.
Kim J
Sacramento CA
I bought both the pills and the cream and use both religiously. I have gain one flu bra size in 2 moths. Thanks Clevagen Intensive, i have a lot more confidence now.
Lashisha, M
Tampa FL
I wanted to firm up my bust after I quit breast feeding and this product has really helped. I tried 3 other brands, 2 even cost more than Cleavage, but i got the best results from Cleavage.
Lucy H
Chicago, IL
This was my best summer ever. I used Clevagen for 6 months and my breast got so big I now only use the cream twice a week and the pills every other day. All my friends still think i got implants but I just used Clevagen exactly like the instructions said and was really surprised by the results. I got A LOT of attention all summer at the beach.
Mary K
Charlotte, NC
I'm 19 and my mom did not want me to get implants but knew I was really insecure about my small breasts. Her friend told her about Clevagen and suggested i give it a try. I am so glad I did. I now have breasts! For me this product has been life changing. I no longer feel insecure and sometime am a little embarrassed at how big my breasts are. They probably aren't that big compared to some other girls but for me they seem huge. I love this product.
Julie N
Portland OR
I don't like to do anything unnatural to my body and have always eaten really healthy foods. i'm also very thin and all my friends say that's why i don't have large breasts. I did a lot of research about natural breast enhancement products and decided to buy Clevagen Intensive because of all the positive reviews from customers. I weight 105 pounds and went from s small A cup to full B-C and still only weigh 105 pounds. For me this size increase looks very different and almost everyone has noticed. My boy friend loves that my breasts are larger but still natural. Great product.
Kriston L
Miami FL
I found out about Clevagen Intensive from my girl fried who has large breasts and finally told me what she was using. I've used it for 3 months and am amazed. I thought I might see a small difference but for me i went from an "A" cup to "C" cup. It really easy to use also and no side effects. Hope it works of you.
Berry, B
Vancouver Canada
I thought i would try Clevagen because i notice so many positive review online. I've used it for 1 month and have seen significant change in my breast size. It's still hard to believe when I put on my bathing suit and other tight fitting clothes. I love this product.
Carey, G
Madison CA
My breast usually get larger during my period but now since i've been using Clevagen Intensive my breasts always stay bigger now. Also, I haven't gained any other weight and don't look bloated like you get from some of the other breast enlargement supplements. This is the best natural breast enlargement supplement i have used.
Carla B
Queens NY
I've tried about 4or 5 natural breast enhancement supplements and this one works best for me. I see better results and for me I did not gain any other weight like i did with some of the other supplements. Also I find that this product is not the cheapest but for the way it works it seems like the best value. I have tried other products that cost twice as much and did not see any results. I just ordered another 6 month supply of Clevagen Intensive.
Holly, M
Boise Id
I have always had small breasts and thought i would try a natural supplement to increase my bust size. I read lots of reviews an slots or articles and decided on Clevagen because of the large customer following and also the best price. This company is also very reputable and the products is made in the US. So far I have seen at least a one cup size increase in only 2 months.
Lu, L
My best friend used this product for 6 months an dowers by it. I ordered a 3 month supply and have used it for 2 months. I went from a small A to full B cup size already. No irritation or side effects. Seems to really work for a lot of people.
Jan L
St Louis MO
I'm a runner and have very little body fat and also very small breasts. I would never consider having surgery for breast implants because 2 of my friends did and have already had them removed and have terrible scaring. Their experience was horrible. But like everyone else i would like to have larger breasts naturally. I started using Clevagen Intensive 3 months ago and am super happy. My breasts are one whole size larger and also seem really firm like when i was in high school. I use both the cream and the pills. sometimes i use the cream 3 times a day like getting lots of messages on and around my breasts. I recommend this product to anyone who like my hates the idea of surgery but wants larger breasts. Hope it works for others like it did for me.
Janet, R
Reno NV
I recently went to a bachelor party in Las Vegas and spent 3 days at the pool. All my friends could not believe my breasts were so big and they all thought I had implants. But they also know that i would never spend that kind of money for implat surgery. So i finally told them i have been using Clevagen Intensive for almost 1 year and that my breast are two and a half sizes larger than they were. I went from B cup to C-D. I only wight 110 pounds so on my breast look really big. The best part about using natural breast enlargement products is that when your breast gett bigger they keep the same natural shape, totally different and totally better than fake boobs. At first i did not want to tell anyone what i was using but I did and now all my friends have ordered Clevagen. I really like this company and also like there customer service people.
Katie, M
Vicksburg VA
I have been ordering Clevage for over 6 months but last month i had problem with my credit card billing. I called their customer service and they fixed it within 10 min. I really like companies online that have people that you can call and speak to when you have problems. I was ordering from a different natural breast enhancement company but i could never get a hold of there customer service and once I did not get a refund they promised. With Clevagen I have never had that kind of problem, this is a very professional company with a lot of loyal customers. Thanks for the good service.

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